Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Time: 6:00pm - 10:00pm
Location: Whale and Ale Pub
Street: 1120 Victoria Street North
City: Kitchener, ON

Thanks to a suggestion from a member Jef, we are going to go forward with a small building challenge next meeting.

During the previous dinner he mentioned how he had read how many bricks there were per person had they been equally divided out instead of how we hoard them all... (which after research we found was actually 62).
... and he went on to say that it would be cool to actually to a build with that exact amount of bricks as a challenge, and we couldnt agree more!

So here is your warning!!!
We are encouraging all to bring a MOC (my own
creation) that includes EXACTLY 62 pieces. Should be fun. Cant wait to see what everyone comes up with.

Quasi Minutes....

In Attendance: (10) Jenn Wagner, Janey Red Brick, Chris Magno, Jeff Van Winden, Jef Theysmeyer, David Koudys, Iain Hendry, Phil, Carol, and Jason Allemann

Wow, I for one had a great night last night, thrilled to see old friends, and happy to make new ones.

I must add...
"Whoooo hooo, yay us!" 3 meeting in and we broke into the double digits!!!

News: Meet and greet, we chatted and introduced ourselves to those that did not know each other, struggling to hear each other over the huge and growing party next to us, we eventually we moved tables so we could hear each other a bit more easily. We gossiped. teased and giggled, and shared lots of general chit chat and merriment.

"Officially" we discussed the larger "exclusive and/or hard to find" Lego sets at The Toy Building Zone, as well as Lego events in November, and Lego's LugBrick program, and how we would approach that. We also discussed how dinners are now at 6 pm, instead of 7, although anyone is welcome to just show up whenever they can make it.

"Unofficially", I am proud to say, regardless of Chris' outstanding effort there was not a successful coup to overthrow WHaCkaLuG by rtlToronto, nor did he even convince the masses to change our name to "GLUG" although he did penetrate my brain with that word, which seemed to just spit out at weird uncontrolled intervals.
Funny enough we did approve a bit of a name change for WHaCKaLuG which will (in Jeff's honour) be now known as WHaCkOLuG, adding the O for Orangeville. Please note, there will never be a "T" in WHaCKOLuG to represent Toronto, so sorry to Chris, but TWHaCKOLuG is OUT!

Show and Tell: Janey brought in numerous small Lego items to pass around for those that have not seen them such as the new IJ narrow gauge track, package of L-scale flex track, gold minifig and gold brick key-chain, the hexagon combine piece (as apposed to a "hayer", or the better know baler) and the new"ish" brick built ferry boat set. As well, she showed off her latest Lego conquest, the Lego Zippo.

Moc and Tell: Many (but not all) mocs of this evening that were shown were primarily from the 62 brick challenge (see previous posts for explanation).

Pictures of this challenge have been used with permission from Jef.
Jenn brought in a perfectly scaled 2 by 4 brick in blue,

Janey brought in a not so perfectly scaled 2 by 2 brick in red,

Micro train set,
a Micro Red Rocket, and a "sign"
that said "WHACKALUG"
(which later was turned into WHACKOLUG),

Iain brought in a tiny working rcx'd robot arm.

Jef made a butterfly knife.

Special note: Jef was clearly sabotaged by Jenn and posted his design the day after, Chris "forgot" his at home, I'm sure we will never see that one.

More pics and vid here.

Awesome job Whackoluggers!!!

As well, Carol brought along few of her charming vignettes featuring minifigs, and Iain brought a slick mechanical solution gadget that Chris could not stop fondling, Jeff brought along an awesome WIP of a lighthouse. Chris brought along his never ending campaign to GLUG us, Dave like usual, brought along his charm, and well Jason, brought along his MOCkingly cruel critiques of all things Janey built, but did make it up to me later that night by gracing me with his presence way into the night (whoah eh?) and ridding me of the last Lime Ricky.

Thanks to all that came out, awesome jobs on the builds!

Build Challenge: Jeff presented us with a new challenge.... The Soccer Net Challenge.... Basically, you need to come up with something interesting to do with the following piece...

... and he was generous enough to share 4 of them with each and any member that was interested.

Please note, I am not an official "secretary", expect mistakes, unintentional omissions and plenty of my own commentary, but please, if there are glaring errors let me know, so I can correct them.

Janey Red Brick.

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