Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday, Oct 18, 2009

Time: 6:00pm - 10:00pm
Location: Whale and Ale Pub
Street: 1120 Victoria Street North
City: Kitchener, ON

The "Tea Cup" Challenge (please see "Minutes" of last meeting).
Good luck to all of those that play.

Quasi Minutes....

In Attendance: Jenn Wagner, Janey Red Brick, Jeff Van Winden, Jef with one f, John Bradey, Chris Magno, Mike Sheils and Dave Koudys. Note - both Carol and Andy Cook sent MOCs in their absence.

Yet another awesome meeting guys (and yet another apology for the lateness in my "report", next meeting I hope to report that night, before the details become hazy.)

News: "Officially" we discussed upcoming events once again, and a few fun activities for us. We will start with "drafts" (parts drafting) at our next meeting in November for those that want to play, as well, we decided to steal ParLUGment's "Secret Santa" idea, and do that for our December meeting (names will be pulled this November meeting). Our December meeting will be a potluck, held at Janeys, so you all can check out how badly I sort and how many unfinished projects I have, that will never see the light of day.

"Unofficially" we discussed who is hot, who is not, on the upcomming Leg o "ABS" calendar, and various other silly things. *Yes, we really are such a serious group. /end sarcasm.

Show and Tell: Janey brought in small Lego elements that are recently new to the line (micro figs from the game series, 2 x 2 jumpers plate, 1 x 1 round plate with hole) as well as a collection of newly released Lego books. I believe one of the two Jeff/Jef's brought in older Lego books. Chris brought in and demonstrated his plastic pellets for our amusement, wow could they ever bind with a brick.

Moc and Tell:
Dave brought in a motorized and rcx'd "Classic Space" radar dish array,

Watch it here in action...

deborah brought in her picnic tables (ok, this is like the one she brought it, but not the actualy one, since the one she brought actually had custom engraved "wooden" tiles, but I do not have a picture of it, yet)

and a perceptual calendar...

and Jef brought in his butterfly knife.

Teacup Challenge:
This challenge turned out to be the hardest challenge yet... unlike most of Lego products, and their ability to be easily connected to other elements, it was VERY difficult to find anything that would hold these cups in place.

Jenn brought in her "Eat at Joe's" sign...

Janey brought in an WIP amusement park ride...

Jeff brought in "Classic Styled" spaceship...

Mike brought in a few train cars (here is one of them)...

Carol, who was not able to attend sent this cool power-point presentation of her horse MOC...

Andy, who also was not able to attend sent his ol'style Duncan yo-yo MOC in with his mom, (yeah, that me)...
All of these photos of the Tea Cup Challenge (except for Jeffs Spaceship) are Mikes and used with permission. Jeffs Spaceship picture belongs to Jeff, and is also used with permission.

Next meeting - Sunday Nov 15th
Building challenge was undecided at this time. It was decided later that night that we would go with building something that showed the rest of the group something about another interest or passion you have. No size or piece limit.