Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sunday, Dec 20th

Time: 6:30pm
Location: Janey's apartment for our "Holiday" Potluck
Street: (address given out upon request)
City: Guelph, ON

This month for a change of pace we will be having a Potluck dinner instead of meeting at the Pub.

Quasi Minutes....

In Attendance: Janey RB, Jenn W, Jef T, Jeff VW, John B, Carol R, and Chris M.

News: We really did not discuss any news since we were too busy with activities. We started the event with a quick look at a few 2010 sets, the entire Toy Story line, the little mini cooper, and the Apple Tree House.

Soon after everyone was settled we started with a build in the bag challenge. A few of our members were new to the concept so after a quick description we were off running, so to speak. Apparently the not so clear bags increased the challenge level but the REAL challenge was realized when the item, when in the process of being built would no longer fit in the bag, LOL. So we quickly gave in, and dumped the bag contents into a Ziploc instead. After much jovial "complaining", colourful language, speculation on who would win, both Jenn and Jef had a photo finished. Well done to the both of you. It is duly noted that Janey was the first to give up, after poking a hole in her bag and somehow ending up with extra pieces in her bag. Carol stuck with the small bag longer than anyone.

After that we discussed who would be involved and which sets we would use for the drafts. It was decided to go ahead and draft the (insert set number here) Pirate set.

We then enjoyed a delicious potluck dinner and the company of everyone there.
After dinner 4 members, Janey, Jenn, Jeff, and Carol participated in the draft with the parting help of John and figure building "skillz" of Jef. Half way through the drafts, we stopped to enjoy some of the wonderful desserts that were brought, and then opened our Secret Santa gifts. (see Challenge info for more on the Secret Santa)

Show and Tell: 7 sets from the 2010 product line.

Moc and Tell: No mocs were officially shown, but members did get an insight on Janey's (lack of) sorting, and a few WIPs.

Secret Santa pics and descriptions to come soon (hopefully)

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